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Sign Up for Group Clearing Sessions with Sujata

As the holy period of Navratri commences, let’s honour the Devi within us by invoking the energetic presence of Goddess Durga and cleansing our energy body of soul programs from various lifetimes.

To usher in positivity and calmness, every day we will be doing an online clearing session.
Register for this religious group clearing through 10 days of Navratras up to Dussehra.

        Dates: 26th September to 5th October
        Time: 4 pm onwards IST
        Venue: Zoom Online
        Energy Exchange: INR 600 per session
        For 10 sessions you can pay INR 6000/-

Each session will be for 40-45mins on a different aspect. You could be present live or register and get the recording of the clearing session.

We are pleased to enclose the schedule for each day from 26th September to 5th October below.

Day 1: Clearing the imbalances of Root Chakra
Invoke Mother Shailputri and clear:

  • Insecurity, fears and nightmares
  • Any physical pain in lower back or lower abdomen including colon and bladder issues

Day 2: Clearing the imbalances of Sacral Chakra
With the blessings of Goddess Brahmacharini cleanse:

  • Lack of expressions
  • Reproductive issues
  • Nervousness & anxiety

Day 3: Clearing the imbalances of Solar Plexus Chakra
With the energies of Mother Chandraghanta bid adieu to:

  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Anger & rigid behaviour
  • Stomach & digestion issues
  • Insomnia

Day 4: Clearing the imbalances of Heart Chakra
The blessings of Goddess Khushmanda can help to remove:

  • Loneliness & grief
  • Forgiveness issues
  • Blood pressure issue
  • Circulatory & lungs problem

Day 5: Clearing the imbalances of Throat Chakra
The divine presence of Skandamata can be blissful to clear:

  • Unspoken feelings/thoughts/words/actions
  • Thyroid problem
  • Ear, nose and throat infections
  • Blocked creativity & expressions

Day 6: Clearing the imbalances of Third Eye Chakra
Goddess Katyayani glorifies:

  • Inner wisdom
  • Intuitive power
  • Focus
  • Clears headaches, migraines & repetitive thoughts

Day 7: Clearing the imbalances of Crown Chakra
With the powerful support of Mother Kaalratri improve:

  • Spiritual connection
  • Connection to universal energies
  • Meditation
  • Connection to oneself

Day 8: Clearing blocks to family bonds & harmony
The blessings of Mahagauri can magnify:

  • Harmony with oneself and family members
  • Healthy Support & positive conversation
  • Unconditional love & respect
  • Mindfulness

Day 9: Clearing blockages to career, wisdom & abundance
Invoking Goddess Siddhidatri can enhance:

  • Career performance
  • Leadership spirit
  • Ability to attract true fruits of your labour
  • Self-awareness

Day 10: Clearing blocks to higher Consciousness
With the energies of Lord Ram seek:

  • Positive thoughts
  • Alignment of your heart and mind
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Self-growth

Register below and book your slot.

You can pay the energy exchange using the following details:
Bank transfer @
C/Ac 50200051853641
IFSC HDFC0003666


Paytm @ +91-9811128979

If this interests you, kindly register by filling in the details in the form. We will get back to you as soon as we receive your booking confirmation.


Spiritual Guide
Sujata is a spiritual and emotional therapist with over two decades of experience in various healing modalities. She is a personal guide and a corporate coach. She is divinely guided, seeking inspiration from her clients and students to usher them to paths of success.

Event Start: - 4:00 pm
Event End:
Venue: Register for the ZOOM link

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