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April 2022



(21st March – 20th April)

Health – A blooming, healthy month lies ahead where you will enjoy good health .

It is  the time when you will be highly aware of your body and listen to it .

Career – You will find yourself  offering support with all your knowledge

and experiences .

celebrate your wealth.

Relationship – Turmoil leading to change is on the cards . People who are not in

alignment your vibrations may fall away .

Message from Angels: Be confident in your decisions and be ready to receive

advice from an intelligent professional



(21st April – 21th May)

Health – Your energy levels are balanced, enabling mental , emotional and physical


Career – With the support of the universe ;new avenues will present themselves

in your profession giving you fresh perspectives.

Finance – Money flows ; exceeding your expectations ;enabling you to enjoy the

luxuries of life.

Relationship – New relationships emerge in your life as you grow in your journey.

Message from Angels: Take the path of balance in any situation and infuse

compassion along with kindness while approaching any decision.



(22nd May-21st June)

Health – Your past health issues can cause an emergency forcing you to take timely

medical aid.

Career – You may be feeling stagnant in your career, but lots is happening behind

the scene. Lie low till it us revealed.

Finance – Trust your gut feeling and invest wisely . It is the time to make

good investments.

Relationship – Dictating and dominating your loved ones will ruin your relationship.

Message from Angels: Move on from your current phase of life without any

hesitation and welcome new beginnings.



(22nd June-22nd July)

Health – You experience Good health due to all the care you have taken in the past.

Continue with the similar regime with patience to attain perfect mind & body balance!

Career – With all your past experiences, you may be inclined to take risks in your

career ,for your growth. Go for it !

Finance – Financial needs may arise to take projects to completion . Don’t worry

funds will flow from known or unknown sources .

Relationship – You would be reconnecting with your family and friends ; rekindling

past relationships.  Give your full presence to one and all .

Message from Angels: Embrace changes in your life and expect things to get better.




(23rd July-22nd August)


Health – You may feel ups and downs regarding your health . So, be attentive in

order to avoid extreme hospitalisation.

Career – It is time now to stand up and speak for yourself . Express yourself to take

your career to higher planes .

Finance – There will be a good flow of money enabling you to pay of all your debts

and liabilities .

Relationship – Listening to the voices in your head will exhaust all your relationships.

Fall into the heart and see the magic in your relationships.

Message from Angels: Take focused action on any plan you have been preparing






(23rd Aug- 22nd Sep)

Health – Protect yourself from pollution and listen to your body . You may need to

break some norms in order to enjoy optimum health .

Career – Take all necessary actions to receive the benefits and promotions you deserve.

Finance – There will be a good balance of giving and receiving of funds. All fears

related to financial instability are unnecessary.

Relationship – There seems to be a kind of monotony in your relationships . Do

somethings new and exciting to brighten up your love life .

Message from Angels: Forgiveness is the key to healing and honor new changes in life.




(23rd Sep – 22nd Oct)

Health – You may feel frustrated as there could be confusion regarding a health

condition. The chest may feel congested and uncomfortable.

Career – You may feel overwhelmed and stuck in your career. Be patient ,as it will

reward you appropriately .

Finance – Showers of wealth are on the cards this month . Receive and enjoy the

money you receive.

Relationship – Let all veils of inhibitions, judgements and perceptions fall away.

Enjoy your relationships by being authentic and truthful

Message from Angels: Right time awaits to start new projects. Dream big,

dream success.




(23rd Oct-21st Nov)

Health – You have been listening and following what your body has been asking for.

So enjoy good health and mental peace . Feel fully active and rejuvenated.

Career – Step out of your comfort zone and seek contacts in other part of the world

to expand your career path.

Finance – Drop the need to over analyse your financial situation; go with the flow

comfortably . You will easily meet all your expenses .

Relationship – Enjoy the appreciation and acknowledgment amongst your friends

and family. celebrate all your relationships .

Message from Angels: Speak your mind with confidence.




(22nd Nov -21st Dec)

Health – You have always been dreaming of having a perfect figure and good

health. Enjoy it now.

Career – Your professional front takes a turn for the better as new avenues and

opportunities present themselves. Make the best for a brighter career.

Finance – You are taking small steps to help run your finances smoothly. Keep going

even if the going seems tough.

Relationship – Friends have become distant because of your constant judgement

and fears. take a break , breathe and say what you need to without judgement .

Message from Angels: Embrace changes slowly and have faith in divine timings.




(22nd Dec – 21st Jan)

Health – Pause a little from your daily life and reflect on your health. It is the time to

turn inwards and add meditation to your life.

Career – Drop any kind of resistance and surrender yourself to the changes

appearing now.

Finance – Use your inner wisdom and invest wisely. take charge of your financial


Relationship – You are positively charged to go extra miles in your relationship. So go

ahead with full confidence and spread your love .

Message from Angels: Invoke positive thought and think about great possibilities being

blessed in future.




(21st Jan -19th Feb)

Health – Mental exhaustion and confusion will drive you sick. Don’t think too much

and do what you wish to ; don’t hold back .

Career – You will be guided by a mentor or senior in your office . Follow the guidance

and advice to grow in your career.

Finance – Be open to exchange of finances, welcome the incoming flow of money

and feel fully deserving of it !

Relationship – The need for belongingness is making you distant from your partner .

Drop the neediness and enjoy the relationship.

Message from Angels: Forgiveness is the best healer so forgive yourself and others.





(20th Feb -20th Mar)

Health – Health is good and make best use of this. Follow your diet, exercise, walk

to keep it so.

Career – Too many pressures and deadlines at work seem to be weighing you down.

Use your past experiences to sail through this !

Finance – Be confident about your finances; you have saved wisely for the rainy day.

Relationship – If you feel the need to take care of your loved ones ,do so. Remember to

create healthy boundaries in doing so.

Message from Angels: Adjust yourself to new changes being bestowed upon you by

being kind to yourself.