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Rider Waite

The origin of the Tarot is long and mysterious- just like the cards themselves. Founded in the fifteenth century, there are many legends regarding where and how they were developed. What remains however is that these cards imbibed with symbolic imagery and influenced by many cultures are tools that can be used for seeking guidance.

The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck is most commonly used containing 78 cards each having meaning of its own. The cards are then divided into 22 cards of the Major Arcana and 56, Minor Arcana. The Major represents significant aspects of the human experience.

Traditionally, Tarot reading helps seeker find guidance in their daily lives be it about career, relationship, finances, health or any specific issue concerned. A Tarot reading session involves a seeker- someone who is searching for guidance, a reader- someone who reads the cards and Universe or the Inner Guide. Once the three as in a connection with each other in a sacred space, the cards are shuffled and the seeker selects, the reader lays them out in a specific pattern called spread. Each position on the spread as well as individual cards has its own meaning.

It is the simple faith that connects us to the mystical energies of the Universe and allows them to help us deal with life’s challenges and enrich ourselves.

Are you curious about the tarot and how to read the cards but haven’t been sure where to start?