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Special Navratri Soul Energetic Clearings

As the auspicious festivities of Navratri begins, let’s purify ourselves with energetic clearing along with powerful chanting and prayers.

Spiritual guide and energy healer, Sujata Malik, will be holding a group clearing session where each participant can be present online or provide their names if they cannot be available. The energies of Goddess Durga is extremely strong during the nine days and it’s a blessed time to open to your full potential while letting go that restricts in your lives. The session will be recorded and can be provided if needed.

Date : 22nd March – 30th March
Time : 6:30 pm – 7:15 pm IST
EE : INR 600/- per session
EE for 9 sessions : INR 5000/-

The schedule for the clearing sessions:
Day 1: Clearing Imbalances of Root Chakra with the blessings of Goddess Shailputri

Day 2 : Clearing Imbalances of Sacral Chakra with the blessings of Goddess Brahmacharini

Day 3 : Clearing Imbalances of Solar Plexus Chakra with the blessings of Goddess Chandraghanta

Day 4 : Clearing Imbalances of Heart Chakra with the blessings of Goddess Khushmanda

Day 5 : Clearing Imbalances of Throat Chakra with the blessings of Goddess Skandmata

Day 6 : Clearing Imbalances of Third Eye Chakra with the blessings of Goddess Katyayani

Day 7 : Clearing Imbalances of Crown Chakra with the blessings of Goddess Kaalratri

Day 8 : Clearing blocks to family bonds & harmony with the blessings of Goddess Mahagauri

Day 9 : Clearing blocks to career & abundance with the blessings of Goddess Siddhidatri

To be a part of the sacred energetic clearing, you can fill the form and we will get back to you with a confirmation.

You can pay the energy exchange using the following details:
Bank transfer @
C/Ac 50200051853641
IFSC HDFC0003666


Paytm @ +91-9811128979


Spiritual Guide
Sujata is a spiritual and emotional therapist with over two decades of experience in various healing modalities. She is a personal guide and a corporate coach. She is divinely guided, seeking inspiration

Event Start: 22/03/2023
Event End: 30/03/2023
Venue: ZOOM

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