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Welcome to our sacred space of Reiki healing, where Reiki Grand Master Sujata offers a divine touch to transform your life. Whether you prefer online or offline sessions and workshops, we have something for everyone.

Unlock the door to a world of physical, mental, and emotional well-being with Reiki. 

Under the loving guidance of Reiki Grand Master Sujata Malik, you’ll learn the basic level of the Usui system of healing and experience divine touch therapy that has the power to transform your life.

Reiki offers a unique blend of relaxation and spiritual growth, complementing Western medicine and helping you manage anxiety. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and healing, as you’re initiated into the light of Reiki and set yourself on a path towards spiritual progress and self-healing.

Our sacred space offers both free and paid healing sessions to help you clear your physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks and facilitate your spiritual journey. Our workshops include special Reiki workshops, Reiki Level 1, 2, and 3, which empower you to heal yourself and others with the divine light.

With Sujata’s loving guidance and divine energy, you’ll awaken your inner healer and embrace your divine purpose. Experience the transformative power of Reiki with us and begin your journey towards divine union. Book your session or workshop today and join our friendly community of healers.

A common myth often linked with reiki is that the healer is drained of his/her energies! The healer merely stands in between the divine and the healed as a bridge, a conduit to channel that energy.

Reiki healings restore physical, mental, behavioural, emotional, spiritual, and even karmic balance. A reiki connection often produces life changing shifts. Rei-ki, or “spiritually guided healing life force” is soft as dewdrops and strong as mountains…

The Reiki Principles 

Shoufuku no hihoo  (the secret method to invite happiness)

Manbyo no ley-yaku  (the spiritual medicine for all diseases of body and mind)

Kyo dake wa  (Just for today)

Okoru-na  (Do not anger)

Shinpai suna  (Do not worry)

Kansha shite  (Be grateful)

Goo hage me  (Work diligently)

Hito ni shinsetsu ni  (Be kind to others)

Asa yuu gassho shite kokoro ni neji kuchi ni tonaeyo
(Mornings and evenings sit in the gassho position and repeat these words out loud and in your heart)

Shin shin kaizen, Usui Reiki Ryoho
(For the improvement of body and soul, Usui Reiki) Ryoho Chosso Usui Mikao  (The founder Mikao Usui)

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