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Intuitive Spiritual Cleaning

Sujata indubitably relies on her Intuitive Energy Healing sessions. She uses a unique amalgamation of one or more spiritual healing techniques (in sync with divine guidance she receives). With everyone having distinct energy, the same technique is sometimes not equally advantageous to all. Of course, on-demand, specific healing sessions are given.

She endeavors to awaken the power within, to eliminate pain, suffering, emotional problems, or a problematic past. She aims to connect each person to their own “Higher Self”. Healing transpires through Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Spiritual Response Therapy, Meditation practice, Angel Therapy, Rebirthing, Bach Flower Therapy. Readings, both Angel cards and Zen tarot, impart the clarity and help in decision making. In addition, Sujata also employs assorted spiritual practices, such as ‘Ho’oponopono’, the legendary Hawaiian forgiveness prayer, the promptly effective cord cutting, the proven powerful Affirmations, calming breath-work, etc. There is no requisite for the ‘healed’ to fret over the myriad of remedial systems. Merely have faith in the divine and the enabling medium, and permit the best choice. Blatantly craft the ‘intention’, have absolute ‘trust’ in the possibility, and simply ‘allow’ the healing to realize.

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