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Emotional Alchemy – A 6-week intensive healing program

Connecting to the Body: A 6-week online Intensive Healing Program focusing on WEIGHT RELEASE !

Our physical bodies are anchors of our spiritual selves. The body is the soul’s messenger and a master communicator. It has superior intelligence and works best when in perfect alignment with our energy bodies and in harmony with our spiritual nature.

With the earth’s shifting vibrations, many people find themselves dealing with inexplicable body issues. The most common words we hear are ‘the doctors find nothing wrong’. Some common symptoms are ‘feeling utterly drained’, ‘unexplained recurring aches and pains’, ‘heaviness in the lower abdomen, hips and legs’, ‘loss of appetite’, ‘sleeplessness’ and so on.

Is that what your body is feeling?

No doubt there are foods, diets, exercises, detox, supplements and even medications to support the body. But remember that the body is the last place where disharmony in our energy system manifest. The body needs support to attune to the new energies. This program is designed to address deeper and over arching issues that include

  • Body Mind and Heart relationship
  • Body memories and impingement from the past (Traumas and body scars)
  • Subconscious programs particularly Inner child work
  • Body image and Consciousness

With energy healing tools like EFT, SRT, Hopopnopono, TAT, Mindfulness, Energy circles, switchwords and meditations we will release all that keeps your body out of sync. And then continue the practice on your own.

One of the issues we will be dealing with is WEIGHT RELEASE as many physical and emotional ailments arise from this. But issues like Diabetes, hypertension, insomnia, Cancer, UTI, Thyroid or any other life style disorder can also be addressed .

This Healing Program will be conducted through 6 online intensive sessions and background energy work.


How to Join:

By phone or ZOOM on your computer from wherever you are.

The fee includes a generous gift of a personalized energy clearing with TAROT SESSION to give you insight into the body issue you choose to work on. This will be done prior to the classes. 

(You may choose to remain anonymous during the calls if you wish.)

6 online healing sessions will be held on every Saturday 11am, starting from 31st July. Each session will be between 45 and 60 minutes. If you miss one, you will still be included in the healing process and have a recording. We will be meditating and tapping through the week for 15-20 minutes daily.

Please block your space soon as seats are limited. You may register by filling in the form below. Once done, we will send you a confirmation email to reserve your spot.

You can pay using the following details:

Payment details-
C/Ac 50200051853641
IFSC HDFC0003666

Event Start: 31/07/2021 - 11:00 am
Event End: 04/09/2021
Venue: Register for zoom link

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