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Alchemy of Flowers

Set of 14 divine combinations that help to facilitate an inner change and deep acting transformation that is gentle, effective, and life-changing.

This powerful and deep acting set of flower essences can help open the inner doorways and take you straight to the heart of an issue, promoting a swift release of any unconditional belief pattern that is holding you back.

What is Alchemy of Flowers?

Alchemy of Flowers is a botanical-based healing system. It heals at the deepest level, addressing the root cause of all emotional discomfort.

Flower Essences naturally and effectively support the reduction of negative emotions an individual may be experiencing.

The combinations are made from the Bach flower remedies, the Australian bush flower remedies, and the Himalayan Indian remedies.
They are safe and can be used by people and pets of all ages.

They are not essential oils and are similar to homeopathy.

Our Essences


This remedy helps to clear stress, worry, fear, depression, or obsessing over not having enough. It fosters gratitude for life, helping you enjoy the good around you. It also improves inspired, creative, focused, and financial abilities, aiding with finding inventive ways to handle the issues.


This remedy helps a person to see through the illusion of perceived compulsion and to realize that we all do have the power of choice over every form of behaviour in our lives.


A remedy to help you to bubble up with joy and happiness. It also helps you to not take yourself too seriously and to flow through difficult times with grace, positivity, gratitude, and love.


Sometimes your mind won't switch off at night, continuously preoccupied and worried about events. This remedy can help with those annoying nights when you are kept awake by persistent thoughts. It can be used to help switch off and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.


When you feel overwhelmed by too many thoughts, your communication can become defensive and may be confusing for others. This remedy helps you cleanse and clarify the mind processes, enabling dialogue to be kind and of greater integrity.


This remedy is for those whose confidence needs rebuilding after facing experiences that are hard to forget or deal with. It will also help manage your anxieties and fears and help you to step forward to take chances that can change your life in a positive way.


This remedy is for when emotions send you into a frenzy. When you are upset, depressed, or sad and you reach out to food for comfort thereby indulging in unhealthy binging. It will help you to have a healthier relationship with the food you consume.


A remedy that addresses the major issues teenagers commonly experience. It will help them get through this transitional phase in a calm and confident way. It enhances acceptance of self, communication, social skills, emotional stability, and harmony in relationships.


When your heart is open you feel joy, peace, compassion, and love on a daily basis. With an open heart, you feel abundant love, with an unlimited supply to share it too. An open heart (opening up the Heart Chakra) is your gateway to divine unconditional love.


“Letting go” creates space and allows for flow. This remedy will assist you in letting go the feeling of “being stuck, blocked, and disconnected”. It will support you with a feeling of peace, so you are able to move forward into fresh beginnings.


This remedy supports the health and vitality of the immune system. It also helps us become more aware of our own boundaries and nurtures our inner wellbeing.


This remedy calms the anxious state of mind, soothes specific fears, and facilitates deep natural relaxation. It calms the nerves, stops obsessive thought patterns, instills courage, and relaxes the overactive mind. It helps remove fears so revelation can surface, allowing you to see the bigger picture.


This remedy facilitates the process of creativity. It helps us to connect with inspiration and creative energy, and supports us in refraining from judging ourselves. Creative blocks can pop up anytime. Often there is a strong emotional or psychological reason for them. This remedy also addresses exhaustion associated with creative blocks.


This remedy will help you to become more focused and centered, and so can also be good in the run-up to exams. It is suitable for those whose lifestyle demands sustained mental focus, (students, writers, office workers, and teachers) and those who experience the post-lunch slump. It can also be used as a complementary therapy for those with learning disorders or mental confusion.

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